Kids are incredible! They have the ability to absorb and process new information almost effortlessly. They also have boundless curiosity! This makes childhood the ideal time to start one's musical instruction. Not only is the fostering of a love and understanding of music a vital goal in itself, the study of music has shown to help a child gain an edge in many areas of his or her education and development. 

At NDPL your son or daughter will receive the instruction, encouragement and guidance needed to reap all the benefits that a sound musical education has to offer. Many years of experience working with children of all ages informs a method of teaching that understands that kids are individuals and respond best to an approach tailored to their distinct personalities. 

Regardless of whatever fine-tuning comes in play, you can be assured that your child will receive the highest level of musical instruction in a fun, no pressure atmosphere of friendship, respect and adventure!

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