Vocalists & Other Instrumentalists

Even if your principal instrument is something other than the piano you will still find no shortage of learning opportunities at North Dallas Piano Lessons. School students will be able to receive help with their music theory class lessons and get a better grasp of any number of musical concepts that they may feel they need help with. The same goes for adults who may have a need or desire to study some aspect of music.

If jazz and improvisation is where your interest lies, there are a wide assortment of hands-on courses available to help get you started whatever instrument you play - or assist you with the most advanced concepts. Workshops dealing with matters of conception, harmony, style and form will be in the works - and opportunities to play with others will be abundant!

Composition and arranging are other areas that always draws great interest from students of all ages and levels - and happens to be one of our specialties! See just how to begin composing your own music - or learn more sophisticated methods. Learn how to arrange and notate your music (or that of others) for an ensemble of any size - in the style of your choice.

Singers will have the chance to work on their repertoire, find their keys, and improve their knowledge of music to be able to better communicate with musicians. Find out how to be welcome on the bandstand - and get the results you want from the band or your accompanist.

North Dallas
Piano Lessons