Offering the Highest Quality Piano and Woodwind Instruction for Students of All Ages

The high-quality musical instruction you’ve been looking for is now available in North Dallas – or anywhere in the DFW area right in the comfort of your home or office. Receive superior private instruction that puts the focus on you (or your child) with a course of studies customized to meet your needs.

Whether your interests lie in classical, jazz, rock, popular or any other type of music, you will receive the attention, care and commitment that you deserve to help you reach your goals! Classes are relaxed, yet lively and optimized for efficient and enjoyable learning. Come to study where you know you’ll be treated with consideration and respect – and take advantage of a teaching method that achieves outstanding results!

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Principal Instructor: James Moore

Welcome to Our World of Music

Over 30 years of professional playing and teaching experience has given me the knowledge, insight and teaching skills it takes to see that you accomplish musically whatever you should desire!


Principal Instruments: Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute


Other Areas of Study: Theory, Ear Training, Composition, Improvisation, Arranging


Studio Specialties: Relaxed and friendly environment for Students of All Skill Levels from Beginner to Advanced


Online Lessons Available

Pianist, composer, arranger and saxophonist James Moore began his musical training at age nine and by the age of 11 was composing and arranging for ensembles as large as 15 pieces. Read More


Robert Mills

"Jim Moore is the consummate professional. Not only is he a teacher. He has been a performer all his life; Recording dates in New York, cruise ships, various venues in New Orleans. Where are you going to find credentials like that? He has been my teacher for 3 years. I had a little experience years ago so I wasn’t a beginner. He can identify your skill level and go from there! Jim is very patient and will teach you how to play the right way."

Teresa Van Dusen

“James Moore is a wonderful teacher, with a deep knowledge of both technique and musicianship. He is very experienced and keeps the student on track, even when the student is like me and wonders all over the place during lessons. I always enjoyed our lessons and I learned a lot under his guidance.”

Justin Loe

"James has really helped my music study. He communicates a real love of music and a genuine interest in my musical progress."

Biven Sadler

"If you want to learn to play the piano and have fun, James is you man. His patience, enthusiasm, and talent combined to make each of my lessons a fun and extremely educational experience. It’s not often you find a great professional that is also a great teacher, but Jim is it!"

Ashley Cabiles

"Mr. James Moore is certainly a master at his craft. I wish we could have found him 5 years earlier for my daughter Ashley. In a few months, Ashley improved tremendously and is now much more passionate about piano and music. With four different instructors the past several years, I was worried that Ashley no longer wanted to learn more. Finding James Moore was definitely a blessing because he knows how to keep it fun and interesting. He is certainly worth driving an hour to and from the studio because our daughter is getting the best piano lesson possible in the Dallas area."

Brenda Dixon

"My name is Brenda and I am 54 yrs old. I had piano lessons as a child and stopped, but I always had a desire to play jazz piano. I am so glad I found James Moore. He has taught me so much in such a short time. When he teaches a concept it's taught from every angle possible to make sure I understand. James is my second chance to learn about what I love to do-----play the piano! All my lessons have been tailor made to what I asked for from the first day I started. Every lesson is pleasant, informative and progressive. I've had other teachers but James is magnificent, top of the line. I couldn't have a better instructor. Thank you Mr. Moore!"

Lesson Plans & Policies

Tuition is charged by the month

Lessons start at $60 per hour in studio and are payable on the first lesson of each month
($240 – $300 depending on how many lesson days fall in a particular month.)

Lessons in your home or office start at $65 per hour, depending on your location.


30-minute lessons are available at pro-rated prices. (In studio)

Special needs – Please call (214.354.6773)


Young Adults