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The high-quality musical instruction you’ve been looking for is now available in North Dallas at our studio location, via the internet – or anywhere in the DFW area right in the comfort of your home or office. Receive superior private instruction that puts the focus on you (or your child) with a course of studies customized to your needs.

Whether your interests are in classical, jazz, rock, popular or any other type of music, you will receive the attention, care and commitment that you deserve to help you reach your goals! Classes are relaxed, yet lively and organized for efficient and enjoyable learning.

Regardless of your level, come to study where you know you’ll be treated with consideration and respect and take advantage of a teaching method that achieves outstanding results!

Kids are incredible! They can absorb and process new information almost effortlessly. They also have boundless curiosity! This makes childhood the ideal time to start one’s musical instruction. Not only is the fostering of a love and understanding of music a vital goal, but the study of music has also been shown to help a child gain an edge in many areas of his or her education and development.  

At NDPL your son or daughter will receive the instruction, encouragement and guidance needed to reap all the benefits that a sound musical education has to offer. Many years of experience working with children of all ages informs a method of teaching that understands that kids are individuals and respond best to an approach tailored to their distinct personalities.  

Regardless of whatever fine-tuning comes in play, you can be assured that your child will receive the highest level of musical instruction in a fun, no pressure atmosphere of friendship, respect and adventure!

Maybe you started studying music as a child, but the demands of a career or family life put too much pressure on your schedule to keep it up – or maybe you’ve never had any musical training at all and would like to find a stimulating and enjoyable creative outlet now that you’ve got the time. In either event it’s never too late to pick up where you left off or to begin an exciting new adventure into the world of music! There is absolutely NO pressure and the studies will be designed around exactly (and only) what interests you!


Open the doorway to self-expression and artistic satisfaction! Increase your appreciation, knowledge, and understanding of the music you’ve always loved! It can honestly be said that some of our most enthusiastic students come from the over-50 set – and beyond! Whether you would like to come to the studio – or would prefer to have the lessons right in your own home, you’ll find this course not only enriching – but a heck of a lot of fun!

Are you a young pianist or singer/pianist/keyboardist dreaming of the day when you’ll get your big break and be able to join your favorite stars on the global stage to share your talent with the world?  You’ll certainly want to be ready when the time comes – so now is the time to start preparing!

You already know you have the talent, but what will give you the edge you need to put you over the top? 

Being sure that your musical skills and knowledge are impeccable is one thing! Just having a rock-solid grounding in the fundamentals of music will put you in front of most of the pack. The comprehensive study of more advanced musical concepts and the performance coaching that you will receive will help assure that you have the sound musical foundation it takes to be able to display your creative voice with complete confidence.

Whether you’re studying music just for the love of it – or as a part of your school curriculum, there are so many things we can work on together to help you get even more enjoyment from your efforts and accelerate the learning process. Just learning the best and most efficient practice methods can work wonders with your technique! Ear training can help you deepen your appreciation and understanding of the music you play and hear – and pave the way for many advanced skills. Maybe you’d like some personal tutoring to help you in your theory class – or to start preparing for that audition to get into just the school you’d like. Or, maybe you’d like to go beyond just reading the music that’s in front of you and start writing you own music!  

All these exciting things are absolutely possible! Whatever your interests and needs are, that will be our focus to see that you meet your goals  and we’ll have a whole lot of fun in the process, too!

Are you a full-time or part-time musician who’s ready to take it to next level? Do you feel comfortable with the material you’ve been doing, but have a feeling there are more advanced concepts you’d like to incorporate into your playing – if only you could get a handle on them?

Maybe you’ve played mostly rock oriented music up to now and would like to explore some more sophisticated jazz approaches and improvisation. Or maybe you just want to drill down deeper, get a better understanding of harmony and theory and become a better musician.

Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place! We can take your music in any direction you want and start removing those doubts right from the first day.  You’ll see that even advanced techniques are not so hard to master when they are properly explained.

Other Instrumentalist, Singers and Composers


Even if your principle instrument is something other than the piano, saxophone or other woodwinds you will still find no shortage of learning opportunities at North Dallas Piano Lessons. School students will be able to receive help with their music theory class lessons and get a better grasp of any number of musical concepts that they may feel they need help with. The same goes for adults who may have a need or desire to study some aspect of music.

If jazz and improvisation is where your interest lies, there are a wide assortment of hands-on courses available to help get you started whatever instrument you play – or assist you with the most advanced concepts. Workshops dealing with matters of conception, harmony, style and form will be in the works – and opportunities to play with others will be abundant!

Composition and arranging are other areas that always draws great interest from students of all ages and levels – and happens to be one of our specialties! See just how to begin composing your own music – or learn more sophisticated methods. Learn how to arrange and notate your music (or that of others) for an ensemble of any size – in the style of your choice.

Singers will have the chance to work on their repertoire, find their keys, and improve their knowledge of music to be able to better communicate with musicians. Find out how to be welcome on the bandstand – and get the results you want from the band or your accompanist.

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